I teach off camera flash classes (weekdays only) to photographers of all levels throughout the year. No prior OCF experience is required, but students should already know how to shoot in manual mode & be able to navigate their camera menus before taking this class. The class lasts 4 hours & covers shooting with OCF in the studio & outdoors. In the studio, you'll shoot 3 basic portrait lighting styles (broad, narrow, & butterfly lighting) using 1-, 2-, 3-, & 4-light setups. We use Alienbees, speedlights, or combinations of both in the studio. You'll also be using light meters, color gels, & various modifiers to achieve desired results. Outdoors, you'll complete 3 projects from the following list: 1. Creating golden hour in the middle of the day. 2. Overpowering the sun with flash. 3. Portrait shooting in hard sunlight with off camera fill flash. 4. Enhancing flatly lit natural light portraits with off camera flash & maintaining a non-flashy look. 5. Correctly exposing both your subject & background. 6. Simple solutions for using your flash on camera when it isn't convenient to use it off camera. 7. Shooting with OCF in the rain.

Tuition - $99 (new students) & $49.50 (returning students). Your tuition is due when invoice is received & reserves your spot in the class. All payments are non-refundable unless I cancel the class. In the event of a cancellation, you'll receive a full refund or be re-scheduled into a future class (your choice).

What to bring to class - Your camera & favorite portrait lens. Everything else is provided.

**AFTER you've attended my class, you're welcome to join us for OCF play dates at various locations throughout the year. Play dates are FREE & provide a fun opportunity to interact with other photographers & practice your OCF skills. Play dates are filled on a first come first served basis (usually limited to 5 photographers). Any that I host will be announced in the Facebook group "Nancy's OCF Classes & Play Dates." Feel free to ask to join if you're not already a member. Other photographers in the group regularly host play dates, too. Take advantage of as many opportunities to play as you possibly can because these are where the "ah-ha" moments happen, & concepts you've learned in class become ingrained & second nature to you.